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Care Guide

Unfortunately the nicest pots and glass terrariums do not have holes on the bottom for drainage, so you have to be careful not to overwater your arrangements! In additional to using professional grade soil, our products are built with different layers of growing mediums designed to improve drainage. We use layers of charcoal, rocks, and perlite to help absorb any excess water. We do our best to create the best conditions for our plants to thrive.

It’s always a good idea to replant or repot your plants into bigger containers every 1-2 years (3-5 years for older plants). Even if you want to ‘bonsai’ your plant, meaning keeping it small, you should replace the soil and clean your pots out every year or two. The type of soil you use should match the specific needs of each plant as much as possible.

One of the lesser known (and simple) secrets to growing great plants is to feed them rainwater. Luckily we live in ‘Raincouver’, Canada so putting a bucket outside and collecting some rainwater is really easy to do!


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