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Bamboo Care Guide

Lucky bamboo is one of the most recognizable and popular Feng Shui items for a home. They can survive in virtually any light and are very adaptable to whatever environment they find themselves in. Here are some bamboo care tips to keep them lasting for many years:

  • Bamboo can be grown indoors or outdoors, with soil or without soil. We grow our indoor bamboo arrangements in water because of the convenience of not having to use soil.
  • Make sure water is above the root system. Top up every 1-2 weeks as the water line starts to recede.
  • Slowly pour out old water and replace with new water every 2-3 months. Your bamboo will love you if you use rain water, or let tap water sit for 24 hours (to eliminate chlorine), as bamboo is sensitive to harmful chemicals.
  • You can put your bamboo anywhere in the home. As long as it gets a bit of light, it will adjust.
  • Fertilizing bamboo once every month or two will promote growth and keep your plant lush green.
  • If leaves or stalks are turning yellow, it could need a change of water, more light, or fertilizer, perhaps all three!
  • Remove any dying stalks from an arrangement to prevent the other bamboo stalks from getting infected.


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