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Air plants

Care Guide

Tillandsia – ‘Air Plants’

Yes, they’re real. And they’re beautiful. Tillandsia, or air plants, as they are commonly known are awesome because they don’t grow in soil or water, so you can place them anywhere you like! Air plants used to live and hang on trees. Now that they’ve been taken off the tree, you keep them alive with light and water. As the name suggests, air plants get their nutrients from the air, so there is no need to fertilize, just provide them with light and water.


  • Air plants like bright filtered light the most, but will tolerate low levels of light. A room with a window will suffice.
  • Humidity and moisture will keep the plant alive and prevent them from drying out and dying.
  • Water every 2-3 weeks by submerging the whole plant in water for 1-2 hours for smaller plants, and 2-3 hours for larger plants. Do not submerge overnight!
  • You can also mist or spray the plant, but if you do this, make sure you mist often (3-5 times per week).
  • If the leaves start to dry up and go yellow, you need to water the air plant more often. If the leaves turn brown and mushy, you need to water the air plant less often.
  • Can be kept outside during warmer months (spring through summer). Bring indoors for fall and winter.


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