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Store: 3830 Sunset St. Burnaby (Beside Burnaby hospital)
Kiosk: 4700 Kingsway Burnaby BC (Metrotown Mall)
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About us

About Us

Well, what can we say? We are definitely true west coast types. You know, the hippy, nature loving, artsy but chic type. Despite all of the city’s shortcomings (worst traffic in North America, priciest real estate in Canada, ‘unfriendly culture’) we are proud to call Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada home, quite simply because we are surrounded by natural beauty and have the best weather in the country. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the rain, it’s what keeps everything green here. This is what inspired us to leave our corporate jobs and do something we truly love, bringing nature indoors.

Laurie was formerly a rising star, sales director, marketing maven. I was an accountant working at the local flower auction. We loved each other and our jobs (except for Peter’s 5AM start on auction days). We got married in 2012 and had a beautiful boy named Eli in 2013. Our lives were perfect, yet typical of your average modern day couple. There was something missing. Both of us had always been entrepreneurs at heart, always dabbing a bit into this and that. I started by selling hockey cards I had won at the local arcade in Victoria, BC when I was 8. Laurie was top of her marketing class in high school.

Then we got old and lost our spark. We both graduated from BCIT, her in marketing and I in accounting. We both entered the workforce and both were doing quite well for ourselves professionally. Deep down though, neither of us were doing what we truly loved to do. We didn’t want to die this way, always guessing what could have been! It was when our son was born when we really started changing about our career path. We did not want to become cogs in the system. We wanted to make a difference. Out with the old, and in with the new. Change is here.

So with a giant leap of faith we both left our jobs and began carving a different trail for ourselves. We are inspired by plants and the life they bring to the table (literally!). Bringing a piece of nature indoors is a wonderful way to liven up the home or office, especially if it’s done with some artistic flair. Plant art is something nice to touch when you’re feeling down, something nice to look at after you wake up. A great source of inspiration when daydreaming!

It hasn’t been easy, just the like mountains and valleys of beautiful British Columbia, there are always going to be highs and lows. As society changes and urbanization replaces nature, and technology replaces human interaction, we want to be there to breathe a little life into your home or office. We want to go on a different path than the one prescribed to us by the past and present. We want to create our own futures. Follow us on this (social media) journey as we strive to stay true to our roots, be good citizens of the Earth, satisfy our customers, and plant good seeds.


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